What the Field?!

Heura and the rise of flexitarianism

October 03, 2022 CrowdFarming Season 1 Episode 11
What the Field?!
Heura and the rise of flexitarianism
Show Notes

Bernat Añaños Martinez is Chief Social Movement Officer and co-founder of Heura Foods, a company that creates plant-based meat products with a Mediterranean twist. 

The motivation driving him and the people at Heura seems simple at first glance: For people to stop eating animals by providing the tastiest alternatives possible, akin in both texture and flavor to the meat products it seeks to replace.

We discuss the many reasons why cutting down on meat could be one of the most powerful ways for an individual to make an impact and talk about Heura’s vision for the future.

"We want to create not meat alternatives but meat successors"

We grill Bernat on all the obvious potential caveats:

  • What makes Heura products different from other plant-based meat substitutes?
  • Why do they come in plastic packaging?
  • What ingredients do Heura products contain and are they not unhealthy?
  • What does an animal meat-free diet have to do with social justice?

Social justice is just inherent in the whole food system. (...) We can build a food system that is socially just.”