What the Field?!

Bee happy

May 23, 2022 CrowdFarming Season 1 Episode 4
What the Field?!
Bee happy
Show Notes

We talk to  world-renowned beekeeper Gilles Fert, author of "Raising Honeybee Queens" and expert on all things honey. He shares his wisdom on a number of bee-related subjects with us:

  • Why do most beekeepers end up losing 30% of their bee colonies?
  • Can everyone become a beekeeper?
  • How many bees does it take to produce a gram of honey?
  • How come bees are sometimes fed with sugar water?
  • Why do some honey types crystallize quicker than others?
  • What´s the social structure of a bee colony like?

In this episode, we not ony learn about the secret life of bees and how to keep them happy, but Gilles also discusses his personal journey with us - how he became a global beekeeping consultant - as well as giving us some insight on honey itself.