What the Field?!

Good avocado, bad avocado

April 25, 2022 CrowdFarming Season 1 Episode 2
What the Field?!
Good avocado, bad avocado
Show Notes

We talk to Iñaki Hormaza, Research professor for subtropical fruit cultivation, about all things avocado! He helps us shed a light on the factors to be considered when it comes to condemning (or not) the "green gold" and discuss the best alternatives to its more problematic aspects.

  • What does the avocado business have to do with Mexican cartels? 
  • Which are the social implications of avocado cultivation?
  • How much water do avocados really need?
  • Which avocados are most likely to be subjected to post-harvest treatments?
  • What are the solutions?

Whether you already know a lot about avocados or not, we promise that you will learn something interesting you haven't considered before! 

And not only that, Professor Hormaza also gives us a sneak peek of the (potential) future of European tropical fruit cultivation. Fruit lovers, this one's for you!